Trademark involves the use of a word or words, symbol, catchphrase or slogan for the sole purpose of distinguishing a person or business from competitors within the same consumer market. Whether a product or service based business, protecting the brand should be a priority. EJLee Law provides brand strategy planning from a USPTO and legal based perspective, comprehensive database searches of both state and federal records to ensure the proposed mark is available and will file the application with the USPTO. Please contact EJLee Law for trademark assistance.

Brand strategy consulting- If you want to learn how to creative a strong Trade or Service Mark that your competitors would have no legitimate reason to use and assists with pushing your brand to front as unique, book a Brand strategy session with EJLee Law today, starting at $75 for 30mins for the month of September 2019 and $150 afterwards.

Trademark registrations for up to 5 International classes start at $2700, which includes one covered filing fee and any additional protection areas would require separate additional filing fees starting at $275 per class. Attorney Lee recommends the each client obtaining a thorough Search Report Analysis to ensure the proposed mark is strong and available. The process takes 6months to one year to complete assuming there are no issues.