2Pink Elephant Legal DIY Trademark course

Sunday, Sept 2nd at 7pm! EJLee Law Presents: 2Pink Elephant Legal DIY Trademark course is designed for those who need limited legal assistance with filing their own simple USPTO Trademark registrations but with the right guidance. Participants will get a crash course on Trademark and Copyright basics, live walkthrough the USPTO searches/application, followed by Q&A about what makes a strong Trademark and brand! Participants will receive a workbook to follow along during the instructional video, added to a secret FB group for access and live Q&A! FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, NO SUBSTITUTE FOR INDEPENDENT LEGAL ADVICE. NONREFUNDABLE UPON 2 days before the course!



1hr consultation discussing your specific legal needs. Client will receive a complimentary IP Readiness Checklist along with the consultation. The Consultation fee can be applied toward the final cost of the legal services we decide are needed if paid with 1 week of the consultation. Consultation will done via phone or Google hangout and dates will be selected and sent via email.


Basic USPTO Trademark SEARCH Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to conduct a basic USPTO trademark search of your proposed trademark! You will also learn how to interpret the records and save hundreds may even thousands in branding/marketing costs by ensuring your trademark or service mark is free to utilize. Get the tutorial at the intro rate of $35 before it goes up! ($200+ value) **NOT MEANT TO SUBSTITUTE FOR SOUND LEGAL ADVICE! THERE MAY BE OTHER LEGAL ISSUES AS TO WHY YOUR MARK IS NOT PRESENTLY BEING USED. ALWAYS SEEKING INDEPENDENT LEGAL COUNSEL FOR YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION. Purchasers may receive credit toward future legal services. Please allow 24 hours to receive the tutorial and workbook. NON-REFUNDABLE


2Pink Elephant Legal DIY Copyright registration course for Book Authors!

By popular request and inquiry, EJLee Law presents the first 2Pink Elephant Legal DIY Copyright registration course for Book authors! Creatives will get a walk through of the website and completing the book registration! Participants will also receive a workbook to keep! FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR SOUND LEGAL ADVICE! NON-REFUNDABLE ONCE COURSE WORKBOOK IS RECEIVED. ALLOW 48 HOURS TO RECEIVE WORKBOOK.