The law of Copyright involves five* exclusive rights for authors of minimally creative and original works contained in a tangible form. Copyright applies to books, music, art, some clothing, shoe designs or jewelry designs, websites, photography, film, television, and computer software. If you need assistance understanding your rights under Copyright law or copyright registration, EJLee Law would be happy to assist.

*sixth right applies exclusively to sound recordings

Pricing- Copyright registrations start at the flat rate of $430.00 for one tangible work. The Copyright Registration takes about 6months to one year to complete.

Consultations regarding Copyright law starts at $285 for a 1hr minimum.  The consultation fee can be applied toward the final costs of legal services that Attorney Lee advises is needed if paid in full within 48hrs of the consultation.

All creatives need to be aware how different creation scenarios can alter one’s rights under Copyright law. While some creatives would argue that discussing paperwork disrupts the creative process, Attorney Lee would argue leaving the paperwork for later or not at all would disrupt compensation for one’s work. Do not assume that everyone is on the same page. Get everything in writing and have your own independent legal counsel.