Perfect Timing doesn’t exist!

Early this morning this for whatever reason, I decided to re-watch one of my first Youtube videos. YouTube has become a place where the unknowns can suddenly become famous. Gone are the days of just making videos as a hobby. Whole businesses are being built from monetizing videos with ads and strategic partnerships via YouTube. So as a newbie to the space it can seem overwhelming. I started over thinking the process, worrying about lighting, my looks, etc. When the focus becomes perfection, guess what happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So I decided to forget about making it perfect and just putting it out there. I did four more videos after that. Now I just have to be consistent. But the point is to never let perfection stop you from making a move.

Often getting started is the biggest hurdle. And even if you make mistakes or errors just to Apple for inspiration. Apple is known for release its popular devices and making updates to its operating system over time. Why because they know that its consumers will buy it even with kinks and they can fix it later. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO GET STARTED. Even the lawyer! Whatever it is that you provide, it’s good enough right now and you can improve later. Those that don’t move are the ones that never get to test it out. To see what works and doesn’t work. But move and live without regret and what ifs. But you don’t have to listen to me cuz Nike already told you what to do.

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