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EJ Lee Law is where Creativity & Legal Protection Collide. As your creative ventures grow, I grow with you to develop strong protected ventures that produce generational wealth and longevity in the marketplace.

“As your vision grows, I grow with you”

Practice Areas

EJ Lee Law is a boutique law practice with extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise for entertainment and entrepreneurial ventures.


The law of Copyright involves five* exclusive rights for authors of minimally creative and original works contained in a tangible…


Trademark involves the use of a word or words, symbol, catchphrase or slogan for the sole purpose of distinguishing a…


A contract is defined as a legally binding agreement that can be enforced in court if one of the parties…

Business Formation

Establishing a proper legal entity is the first step to starting your own business. EJLee Law can assist with choosing…

IP Portfolio Management

As a creative you are responsible for policing your intellectual property, including preventing infringements, loss of trade secrets and sending…

Creative Strategy Development

Sometimes you may be unsure of what your IP needs are. EJLee Law can assist with understanding how to craft…


There is no such thing a quick question. EJLee law offers IP consulting at reasonable flat rates or subscriptions to…


As much as we try to prevent legal disputes, sometimes a third neutral party is needed to resolved legal issues.…

Referee Whistle Official Trademark and Copyright Made Easy!

Contact EJLee Law today for more information and you will receive a complimentary IP Readiness Checklist addressing Copyright and Trademark FAQs! One on one consultations start at $285/hour and can be scheduled using the Calendly link below. This fee can be applied towards your final legal costs. Payment plans available, online courses and live event options to fit every budget. Some restrictions apply.

Referee Whistle Official Trademark and Copyright Made Easy!

You’ve got ideas and I’m here to help you protect them while you monetize them! Let’s Get Referee Whistle Official LIVE is a monthly invitation-only event for entrepreneurs, brand builders, entertainers, authors, and creative; ready to dive into the art of intellectual property protection.

Our LIVE! monthly one-day session, is about giving you the skills and strategies necessary to identify, protect and manage your intellectual property so that you develop a viable legacy based on the ideas that you’ve established over and over again. You will learn the repeatable steps necessary to register your intellectual property without the costs of hiring a lawyer each time. Subscribe now for course updates and other information designed to get cost efficient results!

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Zell Randle
"I received my official “Certificate of Registration” in the mail this weekend. I thank you for all the hard work you did for my organization!"
Bee Speaks of Woman 360
"Amazing class this morning with Attorney Eriza Lee as she walked usthrough the steps on how to trademark our goods/services with the USPTOon our own!"

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